| 00065 |

Waking up not knowing what day it is, feeling beside me and he is gone which means it is tueaday day his early day at work



A bit later I hear the trash truck, another indication of tueaday morning. This is all a better way than checking the calendar. 



The coffee is especially good this morning.  



And the words come easier.  



Today feels like a reset button has been pushed. I wish I could figure out how that happened because I'd like to replicate that at my own will.  



A quick grocery trip with two of them and I'm remembering the time that publix had stick unicorns on clearance and they were so excited... So I bought them. Sweet memories to think of my teens riding stick unicorns through the parking lot.  



This afternoon is a sit on the porch steps kind of afternoon. 



He takes care of dinner while I squeeze in a bit more work. These are moments when I feel like we live like adults. 



Ending the night watching Frasier with him. Quite perfect.