| 00061 |

Sleep didn't come easy last night so if feels like my day ends and begins in the wee hours

It is a morning of distraction. I wrote somewhere else that distraction is my means of living right now.

Four people have reached out and I cannot quite reach back.

Their words echo the same. Not knowing what to say. Fear of saying the wrong thing. I want them all and everyone to know that silence is so much worse than whatever wrong thing you think you might say

Like Sheryl Sandberg said... Don't fear reminding me of this awful thing. Do you think I ever forget

I cry for hours today. There is no working in between the tears... I just keep working with them. Standing at the table, weeping, while dabbing paint

The portals are tear stained.


I'm stuck in the sit down section for the concert. No dancing for me tonight.  




But a nice little trip in the parking lot... Scraped my knee and twisted My ankle and cried like a three year old.