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sleep is not coming easily right now. the ebb and the flow. I am riding this wave knowing that a different one is coming. still, I am awake before my alarm goes off. 


The early morning rewards me with a beautiful view of the morning moon from my porch. And the birds are just waking up. It's my favorite time of the day. 


I love waking up early. It makes the day feel long and luxurious. 


My husband and I are taking an aquafit class at the YMCA. It is mostly elderly people. I wonder what qualifies one to be called elderly. He and I aren't elderly. But we do both have achy, creaky, knees. 


As I am leaving the Y, I notice to of the elderly ladies standing at the child care window watching the toddlers. Their faces are full of joy and wonder. The toddlers and the women.


I opened the doors to a new community today. Wild women all over the world, gathering in a virtual space, to read and discuss, to grow and evolve, to bear witness to one another. And this is when I know that social media can be used for good.


A little cleaning here, a little cleaning there and bits and pieces of dinner come together finally. Tacos for everyone. 


An evening on the porch with food, a little creating, and a lot of laughing. 


And now I'm drinking bed time tea, a new variety, hoping to throw a little kick start to the sleeping tonight.