| 00055 |


I love waking up knowing that the day is going to be different. I can feel it in my bones. Achy still but my head no longer hurts. all feels lighter and brighter. 


practicing my balance while I make my coffee. I am a tree for about ten seconds at a time. getting stronger. 


I sit on the porch steps with one son for awhile, listening to him sift through memories of places and spaces and people, and a bit of political talk because ... this day ... and syria ... he impresses me with how he reaches for knowledge and to understand. He's passionately opinionated. I love that about him.


taking my work to the library for a few hours today so the men folk can enjoy a football game. what a treasure the library is ... it's sanctuary.


I am taken with the view from the parking lot. it reminds me of why i love living here. the trees, our little mountain in the near distance.


I read wise words and think about this gathering of women who are going to read together and share our experiences. I tear up with gratitude and love and bowing to this journey we are taking together


everything is covered with the green of spring. we have been pollen-ated!


tonight I am sore ... but of the good kind. I moved logs and limbs today. I love movement with this type of purpose. who needs a Y membership?


I capture a photo of myself looking content ... and it almost feels natural. It's been a long time.