| 00054 |


Oh this day. that tumble I took yesterday left me with a headache and and body aches. So this day has been spent in bed, healing. 



a day in bed healing was probably called for even without the tumble. 



my go to when i have a headache . . . pepsi and salt vinegar chips. I've sent him to the store twice for that today.  thanks my love. 



the pain subsides slowly. the relief is felt immediately.  It is a wonderful feeling when the weight of pain lifts. 



It feels like a wasted day though. It's so beautiful outside. and there was work to be done. 



the ending was sweet though. 



sitting at the table with him and them. listening to the banter. 



and laughing at comedy specials. 



today seemed to last forever was but ultimately was short and sweet. as are my words today.