| 00051 |


waking with a headache slows down my day


but I need to find the right tools so off to Michaels and then home to play


Coffee and chocolate; the breakfast of champions


eventually I make it to a second cup of coffee and a bowl of yogurt, fruit, and granola; chasing the grumpy away


making marks ... and more marks ... and just a few more. I think I may have this figured out. 


now to test out the finishes. It's beginning to feel fun now. 


thank the goddesses for instagram. without it I wouldn't have known that lemon ice cream is available today. the quest for the elusive ice cream may be over. 


he brings home the ice cream and they've given me a bonus cup ... and yes, praise be. It is perfect. 


ending the day with restorative yoga, tears not there but here, a few minutes on the couch to share my cup of ice cream with him, and back to the table to work for just a few more minutes.