| 00042 |


before the first cup of coffee is sipped, an accident in the kitchen ... and there are wet coffee grounds everywhere. I cope by laughing while I clean it up. It's not that funny because there are. wet. coffee. grounds. everywhere. 


all in all, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I'll be working on the porch with the birds singing and the sun warming my back. 


When I come back from getting a glass a water, the cat has taken my chair. I guess she loves the sun too. 


I'm so immersed in words that it's noon before I even consider food. I'm in the flow.


We coordinate schedules by text. 


The hammock is calling to me. And evidently to the cat too. She lays on top of me while I nap. 


and their off, leaving on a jet plane, Florida bound. Gold stars for me for not crying. I really have no control of whether those tears show up or not. 


Tonight, Thor: Dark World. I think I may love the Thor movies best of all the Marvel movies ... it's the mythic other worlds that make them so visually beautiful. 


I worry that I've written too much, revealed too much, but these words have to be released. I've held them long enough.