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The day begins with further steps into course correction. I get so distracted by trying to be someone which means I am just doing stuff instead of being.



Anne lamott wrote that you can't think way into becoming yourself. I say you can't do your way into being.  



But I've been doing a lot lately. And I've let the experts voices rise louder than my own. So today I begin... Again... To put on the blinders. 



This week I'm walking a spiral path back to 2012 and picking up a dormant dream. It's time. The wild women and the wolves are gathering. Aho.



We go to yoga together on Wednesday evenings. There's a new teacher. At the end of class each week, she sings us to close.   



Follow... Follow... Follow   ... You own voice... Voice... Voice. 



Yes. The lessons today are all in sync.  



She asked us to be vulnerable, open hearted. She is bringing forth my lesson from last week. I cry because I don't want to be vulnerable. Let me just protect my heart, OK? 



And Noah comes to remind me. To love more. And I can't love more with a closed heart... Without being vulnerable. So I practice opening my heart space.