| 00016 |


I begin the day early, too early, lying in bed watching videos on instagram. Perfect lazy distraction.



It's a dreary day. Rainy and cold. My favorite kind of day. Well. Not the cold part. But I like the dreary. 



I don't want to get up. Out there I might float away. In here, under the covers, I feel as grounded as I have in weeks.  



Eventually the coffee calls. And coconut pound cake. Thanks Molly.  



Sorting art supplies and straightening up the studio... These are little grounding practices too.    



Technical difficulties keeps me from the planned to do list today. Sometimes it's a gift to have to change directions. Instead of more computer work, I decide to paint. 



It's It's been awhile and I don't remember how to do this. Until I do remember. Sometimes you simply have to begin. And then you want to never stop.



and now I have two large art journals out. I'm in a roll. Feast or famine. All or nothing. This is my default. I'm trying to find the balance.   



I end the day lying in bed watching Frasier with my love... And the cat. Noah's cat which became Stephen's cat. She cuddles with us sometimes.