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It's the year of collaboration. The stars and the sun, the moon and the planets said so. And I am saying so too. 



Because we have to be willing to step up, step into, step through.




My boundaries are gone. Literally. The chain link fence was taken down today in preparation for a privacy fence. 



I feel like there's a message there but maybe not. What if everything doesn't have to have special meaning? What if plane and ordinary things happen day in and day out. What if that's OK? 



I give in to consumerism and buy colorful ceramic toadstools for the front flower bed. There are no flowers growing there but now there are three whimsical fake mushrooms. They make me happy. 



The house was full of laughter tonight. These are my favorite moments.  



And I realized that sometimes we have to create our own belonging.  



But I am tired tonight. And I am remembering that two days ago I wrote that it is OK to be tired. 



Apparently I fling permission really well. I need to fling it my way every now and then.