| 00041 |

I didn't think I would get out of bed this morning. I had planned on not. Then I remembered a Full Moon ... and a book to take to the post office ... and life. 


Breakdowns take awhile to shake off. The grumpiness lingered in a cloud around me almost as if watching over me, granting me permission to retreat at a moment's notice. 


He ran my errands for me, including taking on the Easter weekend grocery shoppers. I think that was the turning point, given such kindness, and I was able to enjoy my cup of coffee and write words. 


I've written so many words today. Here and there. In my journal and making lists. Moments ago, I sat down to write just a few and almost six hundred words later, I pause. 


Is there a word for a good type of frantic? If so, that is what I am today. 


I committed to three more things today. On top of an ongoing thing ... and two more huge things ... and the game changer too. These are small things, I tell myself. Well, two of them are. 


They fly to Florida tomorrow. Aha. So that's why I have been the good type of frantic today and taking on more challenges. I tend to hide my worry in productive busyness. 


There is such a thing as unproductive busyness but that doesn't distract me well enough. I need to be able to see that I have accomplished something. 


There's a light in the sky calling to me. I must go find her.