| 00038 |


Contraction leads to expansion. I'm feeling it in my body. 



Shrinking is no way to heal.



Last minutes of light color the sky. It's a perfect time to sit in the porch steps.  



Those steps were my healing place seven and eight months ago. I'm still healing. 



This whole day feels like it is  focused on healing. Little bits here and there. It's interesting to be a healer who needs healing. Today I wondered if being engaged with healing others is in itself a method and mode of healing for myself.  



I do not like numbers, Sam I am. I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere. But it's that time of year.



Yoga and tears.  


Captain America.  The education continues. I'm not overly impressed. 




The dog sleeps on one couch. The son sleeps on the other. He and I are dueling with yawns.