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Last night I very nearly began redesigning my website. It's the time of year. I want to reach for new and different. All the gold stars to me for restraining myself. That would be an epic distraction right now. 



Morning chats about vision boards which are not magical at all. But you, on the other hand, are full of some serious magic. Make it happen. 



My favorite drink at our local coffee shop is a rose cardamon latte. Today at a tea shop in another town, I had a pistachio rose cardamon cookie. These two places must meet up. 



A full tank of gas is my love language. Thanks babe. 



Dreaming and Scheming. 



Spring colors splashed all over the floral department and I cannot resist. Fresh flowers for all the places and spaces. 



Thor. Three superhero movies a week. Tell me how much I love my children. Actually, I enjoyed this one, directed by Kenneth Branagh who brought sort of an elegance to the storytelling. Also, different realms create a beautiful backdrop. This one was definitely a prettier movie. 



I have been mostly unplugged since this morning. It has definitely made a difference in how I feel and how my body reacts. Take note and rinse and repeat often. 



Last night I asked for more days like yesterday. Tonight, I am asking for more days like today. I'm on a roll.