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I am distracted with reading while making my coffee and don't realize that it is pouring out all over the counter.  "God bless America," I mutter. Why is this my chosen "expletive" phrase? 



and then, "Lordy, lordy, lordy." My mother has inhabited my body. 



I am trapped under the cat, reading. What a dilemma.



I put on my adult mask to call and schedule an MRI. No emergency. He wants to establish a baseline for what my brain looks like ... which will never be normal but we already knew that. 



Sometimes wearing masks is not a means of hiding or being someone other than you are. Sometimes masks allows you to tap into your inner abilities ... like a Superhero. 



Speaking of superheroes, Iron Man 2. I liked the first one better. The fight scenes were too long in this one and I tend to get bored when the fighting isn't moving the story along and instead is just showing off special effects. 



Most wonderful stories are ones where good triumphs over evil ... and that is all Superhero movies. It's not the fighting that bothers me. It's when the fighting is one dimensional without the complexities and conflicts. 



My mind wanders into wondering what watching all of this punching and shooting does inside the mind and body. What receptors light up ... how does it change the way that we move through the world? 



ending the night with Jeni's super moon ice cream. It tastes like flowers and snow. Maybe this is what Winter kissing Spring tastes like.