| 00012 |

It's wonderful to discover a new place. Even better when it's a coffee place.   


It's best of all to spend the morning chatting and laughing, catching up and getting to know someone, being witness to her story.  


It's powerful to be in the presence of a woman coming into her own.  


Errands galore today. The power begins to dim at the third store. I am not made for shopping. 


Isn't the library wondrous?  Isn't it amazing to have all these books and resources available? Returned a book. Checked out a book. 


New item at publix. Jeni's ice cream. Only mildly interesting, until I see Super Moon flavor... Vanilla marshmallow and blue violet swirl... And I have to get it. Because SUPER MOON! 


The day has gotten the best of me and I'm home now feeling like a wrung out wash cloth. Even the ice cream can't help me now. I'll save it for later. 


The sun shines so bright through the windows and in a moment it is setting and the air grows cold. From one extreme to the other. I feel ya, sun. I feel ya.  


I love the quiet of my home. The early mornings when no one else is awake. But I also love hearing them busy doing the things they do. Moving through the house. Music trailing behind them. Making food. Watching television.