| 00027 |


His alarm wakes me but I barely remember tapping him to see if he was awake. I fall back asleep wrapped in blankets and love 


Later, I take my time waking up, getting up, not wanting to leave the safety I find there in thirty-three plus years together. Even when he is not there, he is there. 


I sit down to work but sad news distracts me. I give myself space to feel all the complicated feelings. 


I return to wrapping words around a vision and an invitation. Hope lights up my heart and I remember that I wrote months ago that I wanted hope to return but I feared it never would. And look, here it is now. 


It's work time for him now. Three kisses ... always three kisses ... and he is out the door. 


The studio needs a little love and attention. I turn toward it. 


As soon as order is restored, I'm out the door taking in this beautiful day. Sunshine. Warm and breezy. The air is full of the sound of lawn mowers and saws. Everyone is working on something. 


Chicken for tacos in the instant pot. With that taken care of, I head to the hammock, book in hand. This day feels luxurious. 


It's a new moon and time for wishes under the dark sky. The fence hides me from the neighbors eyes. There is freedom here.