| 00026 |


Out with the morning traffic again. We are all trying to get somewhere.



Waiting on the table. I feel fine. Until I start talking and realize there is this and there is that. Words from my yoga practice last night come back to me as I identify what is bothering me. "I want the flow" 



We both acknowledge that I have been in survival mode and it required one thing of me and now there is another place and other things are needed.



So needles and observations, recommendations and advice... And then rest. Behind my closed eyes, the ancients come to care for me.   




I feel energized and happy today. Maybe it's the warm weather.  




Black Panther was even better the second time around. 




Afternoon traffic. We are all still trying to get somewhere. Where an I going? 



This day has been full and yet I don't recall much. It was mostly insignificant things but that is what life is made of... A collection of insignificant moments. 



Tonight we close the day with laughter. Wink, wink.