| 00025 |


Last night's agitation wakes up with me this morning. This is no way to begin a day. 



My frustration bursts the seams. I don't know how to communicate. 



How can things feel so important and so unimportant simultaneously? 



Finally coffee. And apple pie because yesterday was pie day and we take that seriously around here. 



In the studio I gesso small squares of wood, preparing for my 100 day project. I wonder about how much time we spend making necessary preparations but not acknowledging that as the work.  



I read an article about Georgia O'Keefe and how she kept her studio very organized and clean. I am not Georgia O'keefe. 



I feel the weight of disorganization in my bones. It fatigues me. Maybe I could channel Georgia O'Keefe as my ancient guide.  



He makes dinner magically appear. It sort of feels wondeeful to be called to dinner. 



The Color Purple - WOW! 

God is inside me and everyone else

That was or ever will be

I came into this world with God
And when I finally looked inside

I found it
Just as close as my breath is to me