| 00024 |

Early morning appointments mean early morning traffic. I forget the the world is up and moving until I have to move with it.  


The stress of the drive is massaged away. The pain has settled into my hips. She says my root Chakra is tight. Yes. Yes. This must be why I never feel grounded.  


But something has shifted. It happened last night in restorative yoga. When she placed her hands on me I felt currents of electricity run down my spine.  


The rest of today feels more focused. Tiny turns in the direction of me and my work. I commit and begin to bring action to the promise of devotion. It's easier to talk about it. To say it. To think I am being it. But there is some amount of doing required.  


It's pie day. We take that seriously around here. Apple. Coconut cream. Chocolate. 


More yoga tonight and my body aches from all the balancing and stretching and being and doing.  


I have to abandon the movie. It's too loud. My body revolts.   I go to the water. And the salts. Hoping to soak away the tenderness. 


But it is still so loud. I wish I werent so noise sensitive. And the water makes me nervous. I haven't really relaxed in the tub since I had my stroke. Some part of me worries that it was caused by my hot baths.  


Be curious.