| 00023 |

The time change is messing with my perceptions. Waking up in the dark simply makes me feel weird in my body.


I remember this feeling from when I was young, waking up to go to school and this feeling of unrest permeated my cells.  


The time on the clock is merely a construct. Ultimately it means nothing but we frantically chase after these hours and  celebrate because we have more hours in the day But do we? 


I make the mistake of looking at the news on my phone before I've had my first sips of coffee. It's chaos. It's always chaos.  


How do you find the center of calm when each day the foundation is shaking.  


Coffee and connection and conversations and the proverbial time flies.  


It's afternoon and I'm tackling a task I've been putting off. Procrastination never makes the work eaiser. So why?  


Dinner is rushed. Despite my love hate relationship with the instant pot, I am grateful tonight for it. 


Tonight on the yoga mat, holding my poses, the heart says to me, "you are safe" I am relieved though I am not conscious of feeling unsafe.