| 00022 |


i want to cocoon in my bed. let me stay here for days until I am ready to be human again.


but coffee calls so up i am but i'm giving myself permission to not make the bed


I wander through my studio space picking up and putting away twenty-seven things while I wait on the water to heat up. This is my ritual of preparing space, creating space, holding space for myself


it's national nap day and this sounds divine but the second cup of coffee isn't going to allow for sleep to fall on me


I gather the books and the pens and head to bed anyway. I might not be able to nap but I can crawl back into the cocoon. A little more metamorphosis is needed


I wrote today about waking up and waking up some more. About walking through and still walking through. 


you know what I love about myself? I won't stay still. I reach for movement. 


the circle gathers tonight. we are planting a dream. 


home again,  home again, jiggedy jig. Words my mama would always say.