| 00011 |


Dreary Day. Gray clouds and rain. A chill in the air. Inside though, life is buzzing with energy. It must be the Full Moon


I slept eight and a half hours last night without even getting up to go to the bathroom. Maybe it isn't the full moon. Maybe it is just getting a good night's sleep.  


The mornings word found my slouching over the table. How can I keep my heart open when I'm hunkering over making Marks and writing words. This prompted ideas for standing at a table instead of sitting  


Remembering that the full moon is a wonderful time to release, I headed upstairs to clean out my clothes. I've let them pile up the past few weeks. Clean laundry semi folded on a table in my bedroom.  


An adjustable table that I would bring downstairs to the studio space. I can stand and work now. I marvel at how being open to the ideas revealed just what I need right here waiting.  


I lost my earrings. The ones he picked out for me. I am sad about that but I feel strongly that it was time for them to go elsewhere. I've worn them as my talisman, my totem, my Armour. Someone else needs that magic now.  


I'm calling forth new earrings. Thus the idea to clean out my jewelry to make space for the new to arrive. And that led me to go ahead and clean out the clothes. Because I'm pondering what it means to dress like me... Like a woman who is an artist, a writer, a woman being. 


I'm feeling quite accomplished tonight. It feels good to pay attention to what the day is offering. Invitations to show up in New ways.


She asked for a flip through of my planner so I went live on instagram. So I did. I showed up for the first time in that way. I showed up nervous and shaky. I did it.