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I forgot to write a list yesterday and now it will get confusing because I will reach back to write the list now. I can time travel like that.


I traveled like a pro this week. All the gold stars for me!


I missed having my familiar coffee in my coffee cup. Why is a good cup of coffee so difficult to find. Coffee drinks abound in their sticky sweetness but just a good simple cup of strong coffee would be oh so nice.


Back to the simplicity of a bowl of fruit and plain yogurt. My body thanks me.


Straightening up the studio before I left was a gift to my future self. It is so wonderful walking in to a space ready for creative play and work.


yoga with him. he thinks he is not flexible but I look at this man who is reaching far past his comfort zones and i want to be just like him.


she adjusts my body, rolling my shoulders down at the beginning of savasana, opening my heart and I FEEL it. Release. I sob quietly. 


I want to apologize but I don't. Instead, I speak my truth. I thank her for noticing my shoulders and to help me going forward to open my heart because I've been pulling my shoulders in, protecting my heart, but I want to be open hearted just like my son. 


i tell her that we lost our son. She asks, "What is his name" She spoke of him in present tense. Thank you.