| 00007 |


They've come in wearing their performance clothes. Black tuxedoes and long blue dresses. No concern to the crumbs and of chips, the drips of tacos. They are hungry.


My favorite may be the one young man wearing navy blue socks with flowers on them. Protocol be damned. 


Finding a good cup of coffee has proven more difficult than I thought it would be. Moments like this make me consider taking up hot tea on the regular as it is basically carry along... Nah.  


Listening in on conversations at the coffee shop. It's almost as good as making up stories about people in my head. It also reminds me that we all have so much more in common than we think. 


Voodoo doughnuts has a menu item called cock and balls. It is exactly like what you're thinking. I didn't order it. Only because they didn't have it. 


This desk has become a small piece of sanctuary during this trip. It is important to claim space for yourself to be. 


Speaking of claiming space, I'm exploring new ones and the comparison monster is roaring at me. 


Which reminds me to keep my head down and concentrate on the work of being me... Nobody else can do that work but me. Wasting time looking at what others are doing and feeling less than steals away the time I could use at doing my thing. 


There's a different between head down in shame and head down in concentration. And speaking of concentration... I love the added meaning of distilling it all down to nothing left but me.