| 00006 |


Rising with the dark, chasing the sun across the country


FLight attendant with a good sense of humor helped bring the stress level down. Thanks Craig with Delta.  



  Elizabeth Gilbert's voice in my ears, reminding me of Big Magic; her voice soothes me, keeps me calm



Remembering this whole creative work thing and my heart aches with how I've gotten off course



The good news is everyday I can renew that commitment, return to the devotion. And I know I've been saying that I am reaching for my devotion with my words and so on but the truth is that the work has gotten buried under a pile of expectations and purpose. 



I have Elizabeth Gilbert on the brain. I swear I saw her biking in Austin today


Our hotel room has a wonderful view of the lobby. It's beautiful. And quiet. VERY quiet. I'm not complaining


He says we have traveled over 1000 miles today. In less than three hours. And this is why it's nice to fly


What if it takes going 1000 Miles from home to remember where you come from and how to get back home?