| 00005 |

Waiting for my coffee in the mornings might be the longest minutes of my day


Writing letters to myself, excavating my courage and layering on peace


I wrestle with words. The English language feels restricted, lacking nuance.  


The mid-morning coffee minutes are definitely shorter.  


I am breathing and feeling buoyant. Filling the lungs with air will do that. 


Today I've filled up the silence with a mindless playlist. I'm not even sure I like most of these songs. It's just noise. 


I'm one fourth way through the to-do list I need to complete before it's time to pack. 


There's only four things on the list. KISS : keep it simple sweetie.  


I'm feeling a bit like I'm winging it with this whole packing thing. It's not lost on me that I'll be flying tomorrow and I'm winging it today.