| 00002 |


My heart is pounding. What is it that I fear? This anxiety that creeps into my stillest moments is startling. 


the house is quiet this morning. and with those words written, the microwave beeps ... again ... for the third time because it will not give up until you retrieve your food or drink. It is tenacious. 


Tenacious was my word of the year a few years ago. I was trying to convince myself that I don't give up easily. Truth is, I am a quitter. 


sometimes quitting is called for. the key is to know why and when. always quit if it creates space for the truth of you. 


I've spent the morning coloring in blocks of time. I am creating an ideal week. Fully knowing that ideal is usually unreachable but I'm tired of not reaching for something close to it. 


snipping and clipping, gluing images and words into my planner and journals is a form of prayer. I gave her the practice and she gave me that definition. I am grateful. 


I avoided prayer for a long time. until I redefined it as anything with intention. Now, even dancing in the kitchen is prayer. Maybe the most honest prayer of all. 


tonight ... the beatles ... sort of. if anything, those songs are my lullabies and those are the songs I sang to my children. 


I'm in the chair again but I don't feel stuck. I feel like I am building a launching pad.