| 00001 |

there's a tone in my ears that plays louder when I am sleep deprived.


I've been sleep deprived a lot lately. 


the calendar is open beside me, beckoning me to enter gently into form and substance.


I am water. I like to spill out of form and substance.


I am drowning in expansive possibilities and opportunities. There's too much that I want to do and not enough of me. 


most of the time, I feel like there is too much of me so it is ironic that when I am placed side by side with the long list of my want to and my must do, I feel less than enough.


I've been sitting in this chair for too long today. Maybe i think it is a magical chair, capable of carrying me away from myself and my stagnancy. 


there is no magic chair but I believe that i am magical. I can make the changes. I can move. 


Getting unstuck begins with getting up.