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1. At the beginning of the year, I began to ask myself and others, “What are you reaching for?” because I am always reaching for what is next, for that which is just beyond. It stretches me and frustrates me and pokes at my discontent.

2. Discontent is a familiar state. It may just be an almost constant state. No apologies. This is my creative environment.

3. so what am I reaching for? Rhythm, Routines, and Rituals. Similar yet different. All holding the cadence, the touchpoints, the structure that I need. Are they created from nothing or do they already exist? Or maybe they are a combination of both.

4. Peter Rabbit. It’s not just for kids.

5. It was a new moon last night. I didn’t do much with it as the excitement of seeing Hamilton overshadowed everything else. Today though, I did some reflecting and realized that I have cleared out several significant areas of my life. Some may seem unimportant but they were bugging me the most and great momentum comes from dealing with the one that is the most naggy. I’m on a roll.

6. Reading Natchez Burning by Greg Iles and hoping to get to and through the next two books in the series before the end of the year. I used to read so much more. What has taken it’s place? Endless scrolling? Priorities please.

7. popcorn with a sprinkle of chili powder

8. the sky was warm grey today with golden light at the edges, holding a promise or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

9. the small light in the corner is just enough to see so to not stumble on my way back into the house but not so bright to illuminate the mess I’m leaving on the table. Tomorrow will begin with clearing off the table ( and that may or may not be a metaphor)

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