| 00003 |


1. curves and lines and patterns and textures combined delight my senses this morning. celebrating good design.

2. sometimes there can be too much light and I want to pull the clouds back in

3. there are little things that make them happy and making them happy makes me happy

4. Things are different this year as we reach for new ways of moving forward. It's important to replace the old with something new. Even in small ways.

5. So red and gold it is.

6. he made grits today and i must apologize for doubting that he could.

7. tonight, I tap away in the dark corner, making adjustments, so close to something new. my all or nothing is kicking in and I wonder where the good advice has gone. When did I abandon the enjoyment of my slow pace.

8. maybe it is distraction or maybe it is procrastination or maybe, just maybe, this might be creative work too.

9. I've said it before. I think I need to keep a "done it list" so I can see that my time is not just frittered away. I am actually quite busy most of the time. Why am I so hard on myself?

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