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1. I love the smell of oatmeal cooking. For some reason, it reminds me of mother's kitchen. And I dont know why because I don't remember eating oatmeal that often growing up.

2. My make it work attitude is being challenged today.

3. Water based markers dont always wash off the hands easily. I am perpetually stained by color.

4. Sometimes I feel like a hyperactive dog, pulling at its chain, ready to dart off in a different direction. The same dog who is content to take an hours long nap each afternoon. I wont sleep the day away but my energy shifts are similar.

5. She tells me that there is poison and medicine in everything. I have said the same thing using different terms for years. But for the life of me, I dont see the medicine in my scattered brain.

6. It's almost lunch time and I'm only now having my second cup of coffee and oatmeal. Breakfast foods aren't only for the morning time.

7. Rebooting is happening in multiple ways right now. It's interesting how an unpleasant interaction can taint something prompting the need for change. I'm taking the advice of wiping the slate clean.

8. Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The ink goes in.

9. Ultimately this day has proven something to me. Or maybe I've proven something to myself.

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