spiraling back to something simpler

spiral path 1.jpg

Yesterday and this morning, I spent some time and energy engaged with a comment thread about .... blogging. 

Is blogging dead? Is blogging making a come back? Is the community of blogging dead? Has it lots it's soul? What happened? And can we return to how it felt oh so many years ago? I wrote so many words ... back and forth comments ... and here are people longing for the connection again or for the first time. Blogging used to be wrapped up in a community; we wrote, we read, we commented. We showed up to ourselves and to each other. 

And things changed. That happens. That's reality. Things change.

The sharing happens elsewhere. The snippets and snapshots are shooting out from our fingertips ... facebook ... twitter ... instagram. It all scrolls fast and splotchy. I think I am connected but because of those pesky algorithms I miss so much of what others post. The basics of blogging became branded. Make your mark. Sell yourself. Blog for success. Find the perfect image, the perfect quote ( and I am SO guilty of that ), and the stories got lost. 

All I ever wanted to do was write my words. It all got distorted when I began to see myself as an artist, as someone who might have something to offer the world, as someone reaching past and more than raising children. How did this piece of simple showing up fit into marketing plans and five year goals and can I have a voice in all of this? 

I've ever always pushed against the norms, the shoulds, the this is the way. I am still pushing. But I hear the voices saying to me that I will never be any definition of success if I don't play the game. It feels disheartening. 

Until I pause. Until I breathe. Until I remember that I hold the measuring tape. No one else gets to define success for me. I don't play games well. I always break the rules because that's more interesting. It's not just that I don't like the rules ... I don't even like the game!

What if I created my own game? What if I invited you to play? Would you? There are no rules. All you have to do is show up. Write. Take a photo. Share what you are reading or watching. Tell me what you had for dinner because that's not over done ... sometimes I need something new for the menu. Teach me how to do something. Reach for words to wrap around what your life feels like. I want to know who you are.

That is what I want to return to, that way of blogging and seeing others and letting them know ... I see you ... I hear you ... I am here. You are there and I am here. We are together. 

I don't do so well when people tell me that something can't be done. I am ever hopeful and believing. So when I hear that blogging is dead or that it is irrelevant, I say not to that. I say that a few people circling together, writing and sharing, showing up, can create a renaissance, an awakening, a return of sorts. We don't have to go back to what was because the roads and bridges leading back may be blocked now but we can create it new again. It started before. I believe it can start again.

Let's do this.