december reflections | brings me joy

The soul is healed by being with children.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

 ... even when those children are all grown up. 


Nothing brings me greater joy than these people, my incredible humans. 

During the first days after Noah died ( Noah is second to the left in that photo which was taken about two and half years ago), all of the children were here, in and out. In those days of enormous pain, my heart was comforted to see them here all together, loving each other. They were so tender with each other and with me, with us. 

I've noticed how they check in with each other more often, making time in their busy lives. They more readily hug and say I love you. It does my mama's heart good. 

Two days ago, we gathered for our first Christmas celebration with Noah. The absence was huge. It was awkward feeling it so profoundly but also feeling so much joy to be giving to each other. Whatever joy I could have this year, I have in them, in watching them live their lives, chase their dreams and how they know what it truly important in the world. Life has given them a hard, hard lesson and they have learned it well, are learning it well. 

I love them so.