december reflections | sparkle

And sometimes I just don’t want to sparkle
— libba bray, beauty queens
Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory
— jim carrey


I am not a sparkly person. I don't care for bright and shiny and I sort of hate glitter. 

Oh but these bottle brush trees I bought from Target ... I sort of love them.
They are faded colors and one day the glittery bits will all be worn away  and I will love them even more because they will be like I feel . . . faded and wilting, aged but well loved. 

I've been gathering visual representation of what I love and I am seeing the pattern. Desaturated colors, decay, rusted and worn, faded and torn. There are symbols and marks that show up in my artwork. I'm paying attention, observing. thinking. 

What is at the core of this exploration? What compels me to look for the things that need a new story? I think I am drawn to the beauty of the old, the overlooked, the less than, the imperfect. I love the things that are not bright and shiny, new, glittery and sparkly. 

Perfection is overrated. Too often we are paralyzed by perfection and our reaching for it but missing. We keep trying to hit that mark when the beauty of imperfection already exists within us, right before us. 

Upgrades are unnecessary. Discarded good and useful items simply because they are older is a cruel thought process. Searching for the answer is wasted energy. We already have what we need; we already know what we need to know. We are complete.

Can you believe it? Can you have faith in yourself?  Can you welcome all the parts of you ... the nitty and gritty, the wilted and worn, the torn edges?  Can you risk being seen in all your faded glory?