Cynthia lee
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Cynthia lee
intuitive artist and writer



Gather in.

There are stories to tell. 

My stories, your stories, the stories of old. 

With each word written, spoken, declared, a way is made through to what was and to what waits beyond. 

i believe in the power of story.



I believe that our stories bring us together,unify us, empower us. 

It begins with one voice and another joins in, "me too." 

we are not alone. 

we are in this together. 

Let's discover and rediscover our stories. 


 i am cynthia lee

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My way is one of frayed and torn edges, of not knowing the right word, of starting in the middle. My way celebrates the mystery and magic of mistakes. My way chooses real and imperfect over having it all together. I choose process over product.

I am inviting you in to explore and to witness the becoming. You are not a guest here. You are a beloved being who shares some of the same paths with me. Isn't it wonderful to remember that we are not alone in this journey of excavating our souls, of awakening our authenticity, of discovering our wild and wonderful howling story?!

 I am unapologetically always a spirit uncaged, a fierce crone-woman on a quest to abide in rhythm with my Spirit wisdom. I am the love of one, the mother of nine, the mi-mi of two. I used to live wild and free near my beloved tree forest. At the end of 2015, we took on the adventure of the hustle and bustle of suburb living, moving back to my hometown. Still, living wild and free will always be my way.

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Celebrating a convergence of paradox, I curate and weave words, asking the deep questions. As an intuitive artist, I allow my inner wisdom to guide me through the creative and healing process of telling the stories with words and without words ... with paint, with movement, with many and varied ways.

I wrap my arms around the dark and twisty places, digging deeper still into the mysterious twilight. It is a softer light that I seek, one that gently reveals what lies beneath the surface.

I am gathering the bones,

unearthing the soul voice,

and re-membering the woman being.  

Ultimately, all of my work is about calling forth women to reclaim their wild and spirited stories and to live to tell the story. 

Before anything and for as long as I can remember, I am a writer. Driven by my deep belief in the power of story and that the story teller wields the most power and responsibility, I write the words. I am captivated by questions and doubt and figuring it out.

I write as a means of expressing my authentic self, as a way of connecting with others, and as a path of exploration. Who knows what is within or what lies on the other side? I want to find out. Writing takes me there.

As with most things in my life, I consider writing a practice that I want to step into daily. I am not always perfect with that intention but I am reaching for being consistent. Writing is a conversation that begins within and is released to continue. I hope you will join me in the back and forth. Read my words. Leave me your words. We will exchange our thoughts and ideas at my blog, signposts


In 2007, at the age of forty-three, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time. I’ve spent years considering myself an artist emerging, still learning and growing and I have finally decided that this is the place I want to stay. Never having arrived, always reaching for what is next, chasing my curiosity. I paint what I love and what feels healing to my own heart. I am motivated by and inspired by authenticity, connection, and exploration.