It all began just over a year ago. I walked into my neighboring county's library bookstore and found this children's book. I took it home determined to make something of it. As I began to work in it, I discovered how much I loved and needed a small place to play, to be free. I didn't want to get distracted with how to fill up dozens and dozens of pages. I wanted to focus, dig deep, and excavate my truths, explore my story. 

I went back to that store the next month to choose another book for myself. To my delight, they were having an incredible sale on the children's titles so I brought home a box of books. I began to play with creating more, for myself and for others. I spent all of last year finding books, creating magic on the pages,  and giving them away. 

The more I made the more I fell in love with the process of creating them. It is almost meditative ... gluing pages together, covering the pages with gesso and paint, gluing in secret messages, making them beautiful. I get lost in the magic making. 


I contemplated these small containers and how, for the past year, they have been transforming my life. It began with One Big Wish and within those few pages my hopes and dreams grew expansive. My story began to change because I was re-writing it; I was exploring all the possibilities, one small book at a time. 


Now I want to invite you to your own (re)storied exploration ... 

  • because I believe in the power of story
  • because I believe in small containers that create room for expansion
  • because I believe that the blank page can be an overwhelming place to start
  • because I believe that messy and imperfect provide permission for you to show up
  • because I believe that our story is always evolving
  • because I believe that the truth you already know is hidden between the lines and pages for you to discover
  • because I believe it is time for you to be your own story-teller

 (re)storied explorations are available here. 


I am also offering custom orders. If you own a book that you would like to be altered as a (re)storied exploration journal or if you have a favorite childhood storybook or other book that you'd like for me to locate and create a journal for you, I can do that. Please fill out the contact form and we'll talk specifics. 

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